Weaponising sound: are countries using intrusive audio surveillance?

Weaponising sound: are countries using intrusive audio

Little is known for definite but the symptoms do suggest that some sort of sonic interference could have taken place. It is unlikely to be the result of a deliberate “sonic attack”. Instead, these injuries are probably the side effects of intrusive surveillance.

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If it is for business monitoring, audio recording might be illegal in some states / countries. If it is for home monitoring, audio recording should be totally legal. CameraFTP is a leading Cloud Surveillance and Recording service providers.

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(btw, I noticed that the use of “low frequency sound” – as a near-synonym for “infrasound” is growing in popularity and is a useful search term.) Google does have something going – what they call The Inexpensive Infrasound Monitor Project that might be useful.

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Instead, these injuries are probably the side effects of intrusive surveillance. Sonic weapons fall into two categories: those that involve audible frequencies, and those that are either ultrasonic or infrasonic and so are inaudible. The audio spectrum, showing infrasound, sound and ultrasound.


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dissemination and use of intrusive surveillance technologies. The use of these tools implies The published data contained internal documents, audio recordings, e-mail correspondence, employee passwords, client lists and, more importantly at the same time limiting the offer to governments or countries not blacklisted by the U.S., E.U., U

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Audio Surveillance Equipment Laws Audio surveillance equipment such as surveillance microphones are useful tools to add to your CCTV camera systems, however federal, state, and local laws must be considered before …

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The SOund SUrveillance System (SOSUS) provides deep-water long-range detection capability. SOSUS enjoyed tremendous success during the Cold War tracking submarines by their faint acoustic signals

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Learn about the required party consent for audio surveillance and relevant laws by state using this map and table.

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In some cases, audio can be more intrusive than video. With the audio capabilities of most of today’s IP cameras, it might be tempting to complement video recording with sound. However, in most public places, approval to do so is …

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RWB Enemies of the Internet and Countries under Surveillance lists intrusive surveillance of news providers, resulting in grave violations of freedom of information and human rights. The disputed video covered a partial audio recording of a meeting between the prime minister and military officials,

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