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We survived the Breivik massacre: Children caught in horror of Utoya island where extremist murdered 77 and injured more than 200. Photographer Andrea Gjestvang won major photography prize with

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Utøya is the southernmost (or farthest “out”) island of three which lie in the lake of Tyrifjorden. The name is used in reference to its position in relation to two other islands (lying north of Utøya); Storøya (Big Isle) and Geitøya (Goat Isle).

County: Buskerud

Powerful Photos Of Survivors From Norway’s Utoya Massacre

It’s been more than a year and a half since the Utoya massacre in Norway. On July 22, 2011, right-wing extremist Anders Breivik detonated a car bomb in Oslo, killing eight people and injuring 209. Less than two hours later, he attacked a summer camp on the island of Utoya, killing 69 people – most of them youths – and injuring at least 110.

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A film that re-enacts the massacre of 69 people on a Norwegian island by a far-right terrorist in real-time was met with stunned silence when it premiered at the Berlin Film …

Utøya massacre re-enactment stuns Berlin audiences | …

A real-time feature film re-enactment of the massacre by a far-right terrorist in Norway has premiered at the Berlin film festival, where it drew praise from survivors as a painful but necessary examination of the dangers of extremism facing Europe.

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At the end of the jetty at Utvika, there is a large rock with wilted flowers at its base and an engraved metal plate attached to its face that says 250 survivors of the Utoeya massacre …

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Anders Breivik Anders Breivik massacre: Norway’s worst nightmare The murder of 77 people by Anders Breivik in Norway is the subject of Åsne Seierstad’s chilling new book.

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Norway mourns massacre victims A nation grieves in the aftermath of bomb and gun violence that claimed scores of lives Breivik landed on the island about 5:30 p.m., and began shooting the adults and children trapped there.