So It’s a Drinking Game, a lord of the rings fanfic

So It’s a Drinking Game, a lord of the rings fanfic

And so it was that he embarked on the drinking game with his friend with a light heart, and a supposed naivety to alcohol. When Gimli finally keeled over, he’d been playing the slightly tipsy elf. “Game over,” he remarked to Eomer as Aragorn appeared.

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Books Lord of the Rings. Follow/Fav The Drinking Legolas would’ve been annoyed but since it was her, he was alright with it.” Legolas/OC Legolas, Gimli and an OC do the drinking game and this is what becomes of it. Hate it? PLEASE REVIEW! It would mean a lot! I know it’s bad and OOC but I felt like it so, whatever. ~Liliana Favorite

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Drinking game for the Peter Jackson version of The Lord of the Rings. Beware of extended film marathons! Take a drink when Frodo says ‘Sam’. Take a drink when Sam says ‘Mr Frodo’. Take a drink whenever anybody mentions the One Ring. If you have a death wish, take a drink every time there’s a close

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Fandoms: Lord of the Rings, Discworld; Synopsis: Lord Vetinari has made contact with Steward Denethor via a possibly malfunctioning palantir. He is prevailed upon to send Sam Vimes into Middle Earth as a tenth member of the Fellowship of the ring, so as to hold together a party of inept dreamers and make a long-shot desperate idea work.

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Read The lord of the rings fanfic: 3 from the story Lord of the rings fanfic by AshleighH101 with 3,191 reads. legolas, lord-of-the-rings. About five horses we

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For those of you who are into movie drinking games, here’s one for The Lord of the Rings in which you can drink yourself into a Middle Earth stupor. While reading through the list of things to drink to, I’m convinced that this is one drinking game that could kill you. Every 5 to 10 minutes for 8

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Infamous Lord of the Rings fanfic that it is widely regarded as one of the worst fanfics ever written, to the point of Memetic Mutation.

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So what happens when a few people come along and start to wreak havoc on their lives and the ones she love are put in danger. feeling more at home between the pages of a book than in the real world. Especially “The Lord of The Rings”. Well one fateful night she got her wish, at a cost. Legolas Greenleaf/Original Character(s) (83

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Crossover with: The Lord of the Rings Pairings: Cerenna Lannister/Éomer , maybe Cersei/Faramir and possibly Jaime/Éowyn Synopsis: A magical event brings the Westerlands and it’s rulers House Lannister to Middle-earth just …

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Read Journey’s End – Chapter 29 – Return to Edoras from the story Journey’s End (A Lord of The Rings Fanfic) by PrettyKittyDom (Dominick) with 4,932 reads.Jour