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$17.88 NSDAP Nazi Party Flag : $17.88 National Socialist Battle Flag : $17.88 Old Guard Flag. Click here to see a larger version of the Old Guard Flag: $45 National Socialist Movement’s Flag These are specially made for the NSM and are hand sewn. They are a real quality item, hence the higher price.

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May 01, 2009 · Where can you buy nazi flags? im not sure how to explain it but like the one he has over his bed in american history x. Update The flag will probably be very offensive to some in your class and carrying around a Nazi flag is not the best idea. Either way, good luck on your report. AliaRaven · 9 years ago . 1. Thumbs up. 0

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Amazon Bans Confederate Flags, Still Sells Nazi

Online retail giant Amazon’s Monday decision to ban the sale of merchandise depicting the Confederate flag has many Americans scratching their heads, as a quick review of Amazon’s site reveals the company still sells Nazi flags.


5 feet x 3 feet flag 100 woven polyester fabric metal eyelets double stitched hem please note colours may differ slightly from image shown free GERMAN WW2 NAZI – 5 X 3 FLAG 01902 305574

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Sell at the above mentioned auction house and try not to think of the person who will buy it. Then, donate the funds to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and it will be like the lost soul who bought it just made a big donation to the center:-). What to do with this Nazi Flag. in reply to pikapp0203 Oct 23, 2006 7:35:19 AM. pikapp0203. Rising Star

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Apr 10, 2007 · Just as my title says, I want to buy a 3′ x 5′ Nazi Germany flag. I would prefer to buy locally (Montreal), but if you have the website of a canadian

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Sale: Buy any 2 items get any 3rd free! High quality flags with brilliant accurate deigns and colors for all uses. Sale: Buy any 2 items get any 3rd free! Nazi Flags; Historic War Flags + Historic War Flags -Revolutionary War Flags; Mexican-American War; Civil War Flag;

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Feb 09, 2010 · I’d like to find a decent 3′ x 5′ Nazi flag for a friend, anybody know of the best place to purchase one online? TIA for any info

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This item will be a one-of-a-kind holder to display a Nazi flag or banner, offered with full money back guarantee for on 31 March 1945. He brought it home as a war souvenir where it was kept in a dry and save place for the next 69 years! Comes with copies of S-Sgt. Ritter’s military records and photos from 1945 taken in Rosenthal by either

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The use of flags from the German Third Reich (1933–1945) is currently subject to legal restrictions in a number of countries. Whilst legal in the overwhelming majority of countries, in several European countries the display of flags associated with the Nazi government (see: Nazi flags) is subject to restriction or an outright ban.

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