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in Done 0.6.8 (RELEASE PÅSK!!) on sfp. Erik Pettersson on Ksp 58 vikt på kassetter. Vad som går i ett Krsk12: 49 6st == 294 kulor, 100 4st = 400 kulor,

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Erik Pettersson attached 20171027235017_1.jpg to TGB 16 (Ksp 58) är allmänt bork och publicerad Erik Pettersson added TGB 16 (Ksp 58) är allmänt bork och publicerad to Issues Board @sfp

The Swedish light machine gun kulspruta 58 – …

Later the FN type of gasregulator was improved and the type B regulator was installed first on all FN made Ksp 58 (serial number below 3 000). All 7.62 mm barrels are equipped with gas regulator B. The pictures below comes from the Swedish army manual V118. Some facts about Ksp 58D

Ksp 58 machine gun – Wikipedia

The Ksp 58 (Swedish: Kulspruta 58) is a Swedish variant of the Belgian FN MAG general purpose machine gun that is currently being manufactured by the Swedish company Carl Gustav and was adopted by the Swedish Armed Forces since 1958.

Place of origin: Belgium, Sweden

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Apr 21, 2017 · Its the only amphibious vehicle in SFP and its not floating perfectly but it works so thats a big up. * New Ksp 58 Model (M240) * New uniform (Modern crew uniform) * Prision hood, now we want to see hostage missions! * Swedish Ice cream truck! * Extended support for Alive


Tank, armed with 84 mm gun Tank, armed with 105 mm Name Classname Description Tpbs 200 Tpbs 200 (Ksp 58) Norrkoping sfp_tpbs200 _unarmed sfp_tpbs200 sfp_norrkoping_rbb Small transport boat Small transport boat (Mgun) Missile boat Name Classname Description Ksp 36 Fh 77A RBS 55 RBS 77 Lvakan 48 Pvpjas 1110 sfp_ksp36 sfp_fh77 sfp_rbs55 sfp…

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Being a variant of Swedish machine gun KSP 58, KSP 58D has an advantage for close range combat with its fast firing rate and a scope. – Weapon description

Type: Machine gun

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Kulspruta 58: Ksp 58, adapted in 1958 using the 6.5×55mm Mauser rifle cartridge which at that time was the standard cartridge in the Swedish Army. Kulspruta 58 B: In the early 1970s, the weapon was modified with a new gas regulator and at the same time the barrels were replaced to the new standard 7.62 NATO,

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