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How do you deal with camping snipers (the enemy’s, not

Jun 17, 2016 · I would have thought the same but my experience as been that my team’s camping snipers do NOT go after the enemy’s camping snipers. Why? Because both team’s camping snipers are too busy going after easier targets (i.e. the players who are playing the objective and capturing flags).

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Dec 20, 2013 · “Campers”, in my opinion can be the following: • Spawn mules • Spawn killers • Noobs that simply don’t have a clue What campers are NOT: • A player that understands a tactical approach • A recon that helps by spotting, and is a good sniper Take Hardcore mode for a spin, with no Killcam, no enemy spotting arrow you learn to …

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Well as a long range sniper that’s not entirely useless I’ll give you my point of view. I enjoy sitting along the edges or high view points cause I can see everything. I can spot in coming threats from afar. On top of that I’m awesome at counter sniping. I take care of the threat that you don’t see. Do I capture flags all game long? No, not even one.

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Jun 16, 2010 · Okay, i believe that there is a fine line between camping and sniping. for instance, a camper sits around corners or IN YOUR SPAWN(Like a douche) and waits for you to come around the corner when the pop a cap in your sorry ass. Snipers, mobile or camping type, have a set of playing field(s) where the watch for the enemy.

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Discussion Unpopular opinion : Hardcore mode is dumb (self.battlefield_one) submitted 1 year ago * by F-b l It’s not the teamkills or the HUD, once you learnt the uniforms it’s ok (and that’s the only skilled thing of this mode).

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Nov 06, 2013 · I don’t know if this is exists in normal mode as friendly fire is usually off, but if you team kill someone you get no indication of it what-so-ever unless the server has a heads-up in the chat line. With the crappy friendly ID HC brings about, many times TKs look like you lit up an enemy, missed, a teammate stole your kill, and you didn’t

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When you’re not aiming, you’ll see four small lines on your screen. Together, they make a reticle. Your first bullet will hit close to the reticle’s imagined center when you raise the weapon, aim, and fire. Use this for what it’s worth. Keep the reticle in what you think will be your opponents’ head height, as much as possible.

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Jan 07, 2014 · Why you Suck at BF4 VS BF3. 1 2 INukeEM. Enlisted: 2011-10-26. Does anybody know the radius that the UAV shows up enemy’s on its teams minimap? I do not know as I have never or indeed intend to play commander mode. As far as to what distance it covers, no idea. I did have a quick go on core and limited amount of camping snipers…

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TAC 2. STUDY. PLAY. What does the phrase “Going Deep” refer to? a slang term that refers to the technique of rapidly locating, fixing, and maneuvering behind an active enemy sniper in order to ultimately kill or capture him. IF ATTACKED BY A SNIPER May be employed individually or in teams. Do not underestimate the trained marksman.

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1. Balance your squad. Every map in Battlefield 4 allows for vehicles, long-range sniping, and close-quarters combat (at least in larger-scale modes like Conquest, Obliteration and Rush). That means you need at least 3 of the 4 classes to really dominate each game.