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Add five years to your chronological age for your Real Brain Age. While there’s not a lot of disparity between your Real Brain Age and your chronological age, you need to understand the risks you have that increase the chances of Alzheimer’s. 15-19: OK. Your Real Brain Age is the same as your chronological age. That said, you have a mild risk …

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So we know what age you say you are. But how old is your brain? Could a young brain be the source of your “young at heart” nature? Or are you an old soul with an even older, wiser brain?

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Take this Free Online Personality Test on Quiz Club! Have you unlocked the Mental Fountain of Youth?

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Sometimes your first instinctive reaction is going to be the most accurate and be the best reflection of your mental age. Taking too long to answer can mean you could end up …

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During the test, choose the answer that you like the most. There is no right or wrong.

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Dr Vincent Fortanasce, clinical professor of neurology at the University of Southern California, has already developed a similar test in his book The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription, which we have reproduced below. To find out your brain age, click ‘yes’ to all the answers that apply to you.

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Cognitive development slows at 16, then stops at 18, making the calculation of mental age irrelevant. IQ tests for adults use a “standard deviation” formula measured against a mean score of 100. No mental age calculation is used in the IQ scores of adults.

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Find out your Biological-Age with this quick test. You have completed 0 / 25. You know how many years it’s been since you were born, but what about your actual body age? Measure your biological age in 2 minutes by answering this fun and simple quiz. Lets get started. When were you born? 1950? Minus Plus .

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Jan 07, 2011 · How to Decrease Your Brain Age. With as many nerve cells as there are stars in the Milky Way (approximately 100 billion), your brain accounts for 2.5 percent of your body’s total weight and uses up to 20 percent of your total energy