Best Batman Comics of All Time: Long Halloween and Beyond

Best Batman Comics of All Time: Long Halloween and Beyond

Closing out Batman Week at Collider, Evan Valentine runs down the five most essential Batman comics that everyone should read, from Long Halloween to The Killing Joke.

Batman: The Long Halloween – The 25 Best DC Comics Of All

Taking place after the events of Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween is a detailed murder mystery written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale. Together they wound up creating a complex story rich in great character development and dynamic action perfectly crafted by Sale’s atmospheric sensibilities.

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Taking place in the early days of Batman’s career, The Long Halloween is a murder mystery detailing the case of “The Holiday Killer,” a serial killer who vows to strike on every major holiday. At the same time, this book explores the relationship between Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon, and the tragic tale of how an honorable man …


BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN is one of the best series in comic history. Here’s why it lives up to that title and remains one of Batman’s definitive tales.

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I believe in Gotham City” – Batman, The Long Halloween Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s The Long Halloween read’s like the Batman opera. Taking place during the early days of Batman’s career, Gotham city is shifting from mob-controlled crimes to the ridiculous mayhem caused by the super powered villains of Batman’s rogue gallery.

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Batman: Dark Victory is the sequel to The Long Halloween, a second maxi-series by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. The story revolves around a new serial killer in Gotham named the Hangman murdering police officers, and takes place during the introduction of Robin .

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It took place from one Halloween to the next (and was actually released that way), with a different holiday featured in each issue, and a gauntlet of villains run along the way. The story has Batman the detective and Batman the superhero. It has mob bosses and supervillains. It adds some amazing depth to Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent.

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The 25 greatest comics stories of the last 25 years . Contributed by. Lucas Siegel. Sep 22, 2017. When we started polling SYFY WIRE staff for the best comics stories for the last 25 years, there was an explosion of suggestions. Batman: The Long Halloween . You could pretty much pick one